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           TREE PROJECT of Cape Cod: Adopt-a-Tree

Any resident of Cape Cod and Islands is eligible to participate in our Adopt-a-Tree program. The only cost is a refundable $2 deposit per tree pot. If you want to participate we provide the tree and you plant it and it's yours. If this particular tree doesn't survive we'll provide a replacement, and we'll lend technical assistance where required.

Join our tree project by claiming your free tree from our inventory today, and planting it on your property. Keep this young tree from drying out or getting run over by a lawn mower, and in a few years your tree will be as tall as you are. Mother Nature will take it from there! Mission accomplished! Congratulations!!

This is a good time of year to plant trees (until mid-June).

Call for info on getting hooked up with the TREE PROJECT of Cape Cod! Donations accepted!


Nursery manager
Greening Cape Cod
P. O. Box 800
Harwich MA 02645